Small Business Trumps No Business

If you are anything like the thousands of frustrated and laid-off ejectees from the corporate and commerical sector, you know that now is as good a time as any to consider opening your own small business. Actually, now is better than ever. Why? Well, many people are sitting at home sending out hundreds of resumes a week and engaging in any number of hobby activities while they bide their time and hope the lights don't get turned off. So... what does an enterprising individual do when life gives him lemons? He opens his own lemonade stand, of course!

The key to any small business enterprise is to be passionate about what you decide to do. And passion, like anything else, is fueled by PURPOSE. Don't do anything solely because you think the money will help you get out of debt. Do it because it feels right. And that "feeling right" will propel you to take every risk to keep it going over the years.

Be organized, develop a business plan which allows you to strategically anticipate every phase of your project. Get the help of a consultant with great writing samples who is willing to work for you at an affordable price. Make sure you stay true to yourself, don't pay for something you don't need or commit to more than you can handle.

You can weather the storms of a collapsing economy. If you don't have the budget to pay the high-priced consultants to work on your plan with you, then, think about giving it your best shot and taking your plan to the local small business development center. Your inability to pay high prices for a high priced plan does not have to be a barrier to your entry into the market. Instead, be creative and think of what kinds of deals you can work out with a reasonably priced consultant to get the work done.

Alternatively, start thinking like a small business. Every family member or friend you know is a potential partner, investor or resource. Get the help of a family member or friend and do the business plan yourselves.

After your business plan, you'll be ready to tackle the fun part, FUNDING!

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